Telling Tales - Community stitch project

Telling Tales is a community stitch project led by Sera Waters and Joann Fife.
This project was created from the closure of the Riddoch and Walkway Galleries due to the COVID pandemic and the postponing of exhibitions. Both Sera and I had exhibitions planned for this time and due to being postponed until 2021, the Telling Tales project was born.

The limestone Coast South Australia, is rich with untold histories, strange happenings and tall tales and this project gives the opportunity for anyone with links to our region to share their stories in stitch. Participants are encouraged to stitch insights, family histories, passed along knowledge, tales from past happenings, regional species, weather events or untold mysteries. 

The final piece will be determined by the work that is sent to us and how Sera and I assemble these stitchery's into a lager narrative that explores the Limestone coast region and will be displayed during SALA 2021 at the Walkway Gallery and may become part of the Riddoch Art Gallery Collection.

Supported by Country Arts SA, Riddoch Art Gallery & walkway Gallery.

Down a Rabbit Hole - In late 1960’s a group of young boys would set out for the day on their bicycles to the outskirts of Mount Gambier, hunting for rabbits. Occasionally the rabbits disappeared down a hole and after inspection it was found to be a small opening to a cave, to which the boys proceeded to explore. 

Many Caves in the region where discovered by people rabbiting.

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Telling Tales - Community stitch project


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